Still Learning

I had a call with someone this week who is unemployed. It was possible that he was suitable for a role that I’m working on. Unfortunately, this potential candidate talked nonstop. I tell candidates that they have two ears and one mouth, and they should use them in that ratio. Also, I tend to mention that we only learn when we’re listening. In addition to being verbose, this potential candidate overshared. At the end of our call, I knew too much about him. In contrast, I don’t think he knew much of anything about me, the recruiting I do, my client, the specifics about the opening and my industry knowledge. 

Certainly, many people are anxious when talking with someone they don’t know. Professionals who are unemployed can be especially uncomfortable. But the mistakes this individual made were unnecessary. If you’re contacted by a recruiter, listen. Learn about the role in case it’s a fit for you or someone you know. Find out what the recruiter knows about the market in your niche. See if the recruiter has tips on interviewing, the hiring process during COVID, how to negotiate compensation, etc. But don’t talk the whole time and definitely don’t talk more than you listen.